Acuvue 1 Day DEFINE SHIMMER 30 pack

Daily lenses

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Define Shimmer




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Define Shimmer .
Define Shimmer .


1 Day Acuvue DEFINE SHIMMER 30 pack

Provides a defining outline around the limbal ring to amplify the contrast between iris and sclera

   A definied limbal rings helps eyes look attractive, healty and young

Translucent highlights blend seamlessly with the natural iris to add depth and definition.

The enhancement does not cover the central part of the lens

Require the maximum of its lenses? Enjoy hydration and comfort from morning till night, even late? The combination of freedom and comfort associated with the ease of use of a daily disposable lens is now possible with 1 Day Acuvue DEFINE SHIMMER 30 pack

With contact lenses  1 • DAY ACUVUE  DEFINE SHIMMER  you get:

• On the hydration and comfort for your eyes, even late in the day
• From freedom to switch between your equipment and your glasses lenses
• A strong protection against UV rays
• A facility insertion and removal of lenses
• From benefits to your health, convenience to change your lenses every day 

30 pack
Etalfilcon A
Dk x 10 (-11) 21.4
Dk / L x 10 (-9) 25.5
Tri-curve lenticulated FS, Monocurve BS
-0.25 till -9.00 +0.50 and +1.00 > 6.00 in steps of 0.50
0.084 mm
UV Class 2 - 99% UVB and 85.1% UVA