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Alpine MusicSafe .
Alpine MusicSafe .



 As a musician (eg. drummer, singer, guitarist, DJ), you face significant risk of hearing damage as you're often in an environment with loud music.

Hearing loss has a direct impact on the performance of your profession or passion. Good hearing is essential and properly protecting your hearing is important during rehearsals, performances and concerts. The MusicSafe Classic musician earplugs are supplied with two pairs of different filter sets that you can change yourself.

This enables you to determine which reduction is most suitable in different situations.

The Alpine MusicSafe Classic hearing protection do not give the feeling of being closed off or pressured. You maintain sufficient contact with the environment, eg, during a recording in the studio or concert.

Unique AlpineAcousticFilters™

The MusicSafe Classic contains two different and exchangeable sets of music filters with outstanding sound characteristics with medium and high attenuation rates.

These AlpineAcousticFilters guarantee an optimal protection without loss of clarity, while at the same time you can perfectly enjoy the music.