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Alpine SleepSoft .
Alpine SleepSoft .


No less than 30 percent of the population have trouble sleeping. This can be caused by a snoring partner, noisy neighbours, night shifts and traffic noise.

So not everyone automatically has a good night’s rest, but it can affect your life.

Sleep deprivation can lead to health problems and severe fatigue with the risk of burnout.

Alpine has developed the ideal earplugs for a good night’s rest: the SleepSoft

Soft AlpineAcousticFilters™

SleepSoft+ earplugs are the first and only earplugs on the market with soft filters. These unique soft filters ensure that annoying noises are muffled whilst a crying baby, the doorbell, the alarm clock and the alarm remain sufficiently audible. The filter material is so flexible that it is even comfortable to sleep on your side.

Unique AlpineThermoShape™ Material

SleepSoft+ earplugs are made of soft thermoplastic material. The earplugs adjust to the shape of the ear canal due to the temperature of the ear. The long shape of the earplug allows for extra muffling. Moreover, this model is specially developed for you to sleep as comfortable as possible. The earplugs hardly protrude from the ear, making it perfectly possible to lie on your side. If desired, the ends can be shortened.