Biofinity XR 6 pack

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Biofinity XR 6 pack




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Biofinity XR 6 pack .
Biofinity XR 6 pack .


With Biofinity XR (extended range) sphere lenses, you now have access to the same impossible comfort and clarity of Biofinity sphere contact lenses.

Using the advanced Aquaform Technology that you find in Biofinity lenses, Biofinity XR delivers a soft, flexible lens that allows plenty of oxygen to pass through to your eyes, for a healthier and more comfortable wearing experience.

So if you were previously unable to wear or dissatisfied with your current contact lenses make sure to ask your eye care practitioner about Biofinity XR contact lenses. And experience the benefits of our silicone hydrogel technology.


At A Glance:

-        For those with nearsightedness or farsightedness

-        Stay comfortable for your full day

-        Deliver plenty of oxygen to your eyes

-        Excellent vision you expect and deserve

-        Same great material and lens design as Biofinity sphere lenses

6 pack
Comfilcon A
48 %
Dk x 10 (-11) 128
Dk / L x 10 (-9) 160
8.60 mm
+ 8.50 till + 15.00 - 12.50 till - 20.00 in steps of 0.50
14.00 mm
0.08 mm