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Myday Multi daily lenses are of the most user-friendly, disposable and hygienic contact lenses. Disposable Myday Multi  daily lenses are made for single-day use. You put the Myday Multi daily lenses on in the morning and throw them away in the evening. So you start each day with a fresh, clean and hygienic pair of Myday Multi daily lenses. Since you toss the Myday Multi daily lenses at the end of each day, you don’t have to worry about cleaning and storing your Myday Toric daily lenses in a case until the next day.

All our Myday Multi  daily lenses are flexible and have optimal oxygen permeability so your eyes can breathe properly, remain moist, healthy and radiant. If you are looking for hygienic contact lenses that are very easy to use, then the Myday Multi  daily lenses are the best option. At Internet Lenses we always offer the best prices. So order your Myday Multi  daily lenses online here only with us.