Noizezz Plug & Play Green 24 db


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Noizezz Play & Plug Groen 24 db




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Noizezz Play & Plug Groen 24 db .
Noizezz Play & Plug Groen 24 db .


The Noizezz Green is our medium filter with an attenuation of up to 25 dB.
This Noizezz can be used to protect the ears when e.g. going out
(disco/dancing/concerts) and is convenient for people working in catering
as well as for teachers in gyms, swimming pools and day-care centres

  • Protection

    The unique filter preserves speech intelligibility and essential warning sounds.

    Comfortable thanks to the perfect custom-made fit. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.


    Safe, do not protrude from your ear.
    No sealed-off feeling in your ear.
    Filter colour: green