Noizezz Universeel Purple 17 db


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Noizezz Universeel Paars 17 db




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Noizezz Universeel Paars 17 db .
Noizezz Universeel Paars 17 db .


The Noizezz Purple is our mild filter with an attenuation 
of up to 17 dB. This Noizezz can be used to muffle sound 
from e.g. flying and noise nuisance from neighbours and 
traffic, and will help you sleep.

Protection :

The unique filter preserves speech intelligibility and essential warning sounds.

Comfortable thanks to the perfect custom-made fit. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Properties :

Safe, do not protrude from your ear.

No sealed-off feeling in your ear.

Filter colour: purple