Queens Solitaire RX 2 pack

Coloured lenses

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Solitaire Queens sterkte 2 pack




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Solitaire Queens sterkte 2 pack .
Solitaire Queens sterkte 2 pack .


Queen’s Solitaire Coloured contact lenses that fascinate and seduce Simply refined.

the Queen’s Solitaire is a collection of lenses with intense, heart-warming colours. Its exclusive design provides a fascinating and attractive look for eyes that want to entice and seduce many a person. Coloured contact lenses, available in eight different natural colours The Soleko Queen’s Solitaire lenses give a natural look. The different available lens colours do not substitute the iris’ colour. Both colours blend together in a natural way and create a unique effect with any wearer!

The Queen’s Solitaire lenses are available in eight startling colours:

  • pearl
  • yellow
  • spice (brown)
  • acqua (azure)
  • light blue
  • light green
  • jade (green)
  •  violet

Why choose for Queen’s Solitaire coloured contact lenses?

Thanks to an exclusive production process these coloured contact lenses distinguish themselves by their pleasing wearable comfort.

Solitaire Plano Available only in Plano (0.00)

2 pack = 2 lenses in 1 pack

2 pack
38 %
Dk x 10 (-11) 9.00
Dk / L x 10 (-9)
8.60 mm
UV Nee