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Bausch + Lomb SofLens Multi-Focal contact lenses enable you to see well at all distances. The unique Natra-Sight Optics create easy transitions from near to far, and all points in between. The patented edge design provides all day comfort.

Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses are contact lenses designed for people suffering from presbyopia or farsightedness. Presbyopia is a natural process whereby the flexibility of the lens of the eye gradually decreases. As a result, the precision, with which the eye focuses on close objects, but also on objects at longer distances, diminishes.

Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses are an ideal solution for presbyopia. Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses follow the eye so that you can read the entire field of vision without having to look down as with multifocal glasses. Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses offer excellent vision at all distances, both near and far and all distances in between. If reading small print becomes more difficult opt for Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses. Internet Lenses offers various Soflens Multi multifocal monthly lenses that you can order online here at the best price.