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Terms & conditions

General terms and conditions

· For each brand we guarantee that our products exclusively originate from official manufacturers ⁄ suppliers.

ARTICLE 1 : Application and legal effect of the general terms and conditions of sale

· Each customer’s order, as well as all by Internetlenzen performed deliveries, assume the complete acceptance without any reservation by the buyer of the present general terms and conditions of sale, with the exclusion of all other documents such as the by the seller issued prospectuses or catalogues which only have an indicating value.

· The nullification or non-application of one of the general or special conditions’ clauses does not result into the nullification of all the other general or special clauses which remain completely valid and applicable.

· Each deviation from the present general conditions only has value when explicitly accepted by Internetlenzen. The explicit deviation of one of the general or special conditions does not presume any renunciation of the other general or special clauses application.

ARTICLE 2 : Information

· On the other hand, the customer declares to have been completely informed about the characteristics and conditions regarding the use of our services and products he orders.

ARTICLE 3 : Order’s registration

· The given information by the buyer at registration involves a commitment on his part: in case of a mistake in the description of the addressee’s data, the seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility in which he could find himself to deliver the ordered product.

· The orders are only definite if they have been confirmed by payment of the price by the buyer. No modification whatsoever, or annulment of the order by the buyer can be considered and the deposited price cannot be repaid.

· The product’s offers are valid within the boundaries of the available stock.

· In case you did not receive a confirmation of your order, please send us an email as soon as possible

· On receipt of your order, always carefully check if the delivery is correct. Unopened boxes can still be exchanged.

· Unfortunately we cannot reaccept opened packages.

ARTICLE 4 : Delivery

Goods on stock and ordered before 4 p.m. shall be delivered to the post office. In 85 % of the cases, you will receive your order the next day. Orders are handled from Monday to Friday with the exception of bank holidays. From Belgium, the packages are sent within a period of 2 to 6 working days following the receipt of your order and payment with reservation of the available stock. The delivery is done on the basis of the data mentioned on the credit card. Your order will be accompanied by an accurately specified invoice in your name, your order accordingly. Participation in consignment and handling costs:


Deliveries of orders : € 4.90

Consignments are sent in collaboration with Bpost. We advise you to state a delivery address where someone is present during the day. You can safely give your working address, the address of friends, neighbours or family. In case you are not present, a note is put into the letterbox so you can pick up your package at the nearest post office. The package will stay at the post office for maximum 10 working days. If the package is not picked up, it will automatically be returned to us. If you wish for us to resend the package, you need to pay € 4.90 (for delivery in Belgium; for delivery in other countries the rate for that country applies) to account number BE38 7370 1472 7572 stating your name and postage costs 2nd shipment + reference number.

The statement of an unusable, wrong or incomplete address (no house or box number) as a result of which the package is returned to us, leads to the payment of 4.90 euro (for delivery in Belgium; for the delivery in other countries the rate for that country applies) to be transferred to account number BE38 7370 1472 7572mentioning your name and postage costs 2nd shipment + reference number of the package to be resent.

Other countries:

The Netherlands: € 6.00

France: € 10.00 other EU-countries: € 15.00

Outside the EU-member states: € 25.00

On payment via transfer, please take a few days of delayed delivery into account. We do not accept any liability for the delivery term of the postal services. The exceeding of delivery terms cannot give cause for compensations. Internetlenzen.be rejects all liability regarding the delivery’s delay and the delivery in case of force majeure or of circumstances beyond its control, that could render the execution of the agreement impossible either in full or partly, or would make it more expensive in full or partly, or in case of the fact of third parties, such as suppliers of the in these general conditions of sale involved parties, suppliers, agents or intermediaries or also if the customer fails to comply with his commitments.

Are seen as situations of force majeure which discharge the seller from his obligation to deliver: war, rebellion, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility to be provisioned. The seller will inform the buyer at the right moment of the abovementioned circumstances or events. In any case, the delivery can only be executed within the terms if the buyer complies with his obligations towards the seller.

ARTICLE 5 : Payment stipulations

· It is possible to execute payment between the different member states of the European Community without any additional costs by means of a bank transfer.

· For your order through our website, you can count on a secured payment system with the credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Bancontact.

· You can also pay by transfer to the following account:

IBAN : BE38 7370 1472 7572 bic : KREDBEBB Internetlenzen.be A. Saveryslaan 29 9800 Deinze

· In case the bank or credit institution refuses to permit the payment, then Internetlenzen.be can consider the sale as non-existent.

· Internetlenzen.be assures the complete confidentiality of your information in connection to your bank, secured by the SSL protocol, which at the moment of your payment with a bank card automatically checks the validity of the access rights and scrambles all exchanges of information in order to guarantee confidentiality.

· Internetlenzen.be has entrusted its payment system to a company specialized in secured payments via internet: MOLLIE

· The exchange of sensitive information – such as the number of the credit card – is done between the customer and the Ogone e-commerce site; Internetlenzen does not know this information.

At the moment of your credit card number coding, you indeed are not connected with our servers anymore, but you are connected with the Ogone e-commerce secured servers. In case after ONE MONTH following your order date we have not received payment yet, we credit the order.

ARTICLE 6 : Returns - Stipulations

Each return of products has to be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Each taking back, which has been accepted by the seller in case of a visible flaw or of dissimilarity of the delivered products which has been established by the seller, allows the buyer to become the exempt replacement or the reimbursement of the credit in his favour, with the exclusion of any other compensation or damages.

A copy of the invoice, as well as of the letter stating the reason of the return, has to accompany your return. Each complaint needs to be sent to us in writing within 14 calendar days after receipt of the goods. In case your complaint is declared admissible, Internetlenzen.be commits itself to within 10 working days after agreement proceed to the replacement or repayment. In case a mistake has been committed by us, the costs for the reshipment are paid by us. In case of an incorrect order by you, please send the incorrect package with the unopened boxes back to us, and transfer 4.00 euro (for delivery in Belgium; for delivery in other countries the rates for that country are applicable) to account number BE38 7370 1472 7572 stating your name and postage costs + reference number so that we can send you the correct lenses. Opened packages will not be reaccepted by us.

The boutique Internetlenzen.be is obligated to refuse damaged or already used articles. The articles need to be sent registered in a stamped envelope to:

Internetlenzen.be A. Saveryslaan 29 9800 Deinze Belgium info@internetlenzen.be BTW BE 0782.025.480


ARTICLE 7 : Prices

· The in the catalogue indicated prices are prices in euro (€), VAT included.

· The invoices are drawn up in euro (€) and are subject to the in Belgium applicable taxes on added value (VAT), amounting to 21 %.

ARTICLE 8 : Disputes

· Complaints or disputes will always be considered with attentive courtesy since bona fide is always assumed to be present in those who take the effort to explain the situation.

· In case of a dispute, the customer will preferably approach the company in order to obtain an amicable settlement. In case of non-settlement only the courts of Belgium (district East-Flanders) are authorized.

ARTICLE 9 : Privacy

· The law regarding privacy is applied by Internetlenzen.be.

· All correspondence can be sent to the following address:

Internetlenzen A. Saveryslaan 29 9800 Deinze Belgium info@internetlenzen.be 0800 / 30 310 BTW BE 0782.025.480

· In any case, Internetlenzen.be formally regards the commitment to strictly keep any of your information confidential and in particular not to share this information with any other third party whatsoever.

ARTICLE 10 : Right of withdrawal

· The consumer has the right to inform the company that he/she renounces the purchase, without payment of a fine and without specification of a reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the product or following closure of the service agreement. For the purchase of tailor-made lenses (RX Lenses), the right of withdrawal is not applicable.